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Thanks for the agree rating on my post about England being protestant before William of Orange but I decided to delete the post.
No thanks for putting it on. I wanted to mention the obvious Cromwell myself but thought I would get dragged into another rabbit warren with no means escape!
Secret to the Brexit thread is to duck in and out and not get too bogged down.
All the best.
Hey Tony. Do you understand what spam is? Not the canned meat, the other one.
Tony Dean
Tony Dean
Don't worry about it. I'll remove it. Fat fingers.
”When it is played at its best football remains the greatest game of all. And Tottenham, so close to my heart, is still to me the greatest club.”
From New Jersey? I lived there many years ago.
Nice. Lived in NJ my whole life except for college. What brought you to NJ when you were here and did you like it?
My Dad brought us from Denmark as he got a job there. We lived in New Providence. From what I remember it was quality