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  • 1 point each after none scoring

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Well-Known Member
Jul 21, 2011
Can’t really say much now, it’s evident there are players who think they’re bigger than the club and don’t bother putting in the effort and I’m including Kane as he’s done fuck all for the last six months. I’ve watched Spurs almost every week and Kane has offered nothing compared to how he used to play.
He's still the only player who cares and tries along with Son. The rest can leave tomorrow. The trouble is I don't think either will be here next season.


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Jan 27, 2011
Poch is too stubborn for his own good, he’s persisted with a diamond since we beat Chelsea last year and it has never worked since. We’re too narrow and Poch must be stupid to not see this, or his coaching staff aren’t doing their jobs properly.

The Apprentice

Charles Big Potatoes
Mar 10, 2005
How can a manager even consider winning a match when he's got a whole back line that doesn't want to be at the club? How has Poch allowed himself to get into this position? He should've walked last summer when he didn't get any signings, a team will never progress if it doesn't upgrade at least one 1st team player each and every season! Poch is finished at this club after tonight, but I lay thd blame firmly at Levy's door, he's failed to back every manager at the crucial moment every time!!!
It is mental that the whole back four aren’t committed. Aurier and Rose wanted out and Toby/Jan are running their contracts down. Hardly the foundations for an impregnable wall is it.

At least pick players who are committed and care. Foyth will be first choice by Xmas.


L'espion mal fait
May 11, 2008
I feel most for the season ticket holders out there. Levy is taking the piss out of them with the prices he's charging, relative to how much investment he has made into the team.


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Jun 24, 2013
Everyone is pushing the blame from Poch onto so many of our players wanting out of the club seem to forget asking why we're looking at a mass exodus for the first time in our PL history? So many of our important key players from previous years are looking to leave and am I the only one thinking that is strange?


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Sep 1, 2014
Can I just say that some of the fearful stick that Trips took on here last year was for shit that was half as bad as the performance Aurier just turned in.

It's easy in hindsight but fucking hell, and to think KWP was the anointed one all the time there was someone else in front of him. What a shit show right back has become for us.


Nos Custodimus Quod Lingus
Feb 14, 2019
Don’t think I’ve ever seen such a surrender in all my life. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.
£190 of my hard earned money to watch that shit. That equates to probably 5 minutes of their pathetic footballing lives. Embarrassed for them all.
This is what hurts so much, for the fans that put in so much money into the club, the fans that support them through thick & thin, only for the players to put in a disgraceful performance and not give a shit.


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Jul 1, 2005
in the first 20-25 mins, i though wow......we are really up for it.

picked off in the second half, punished for our weaknesses - dreadful full back displays by aurier especially


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Aug 16, 2005
Verts, Toby and Eriksen being allowed to run their contracts down to the final season is shocking business by the club but all I heard in here pre season, is that we should get rid of Trippier.
We'll, you got your wish lads..
Aurier is not fit to lace the boots of Tripps and we've also been proved right already this season, that there are far more issues all around the pitch than those Trippier was causing last year.

Rose letting wingers get in non stop down his flank and costing us goals galore.
Aurier doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants.
Playing three holding midfielders, none of which really protect the defence as well as Eric Dier did on his own two seasons plus ago.
Allowing Eriksen to do nothing almost every time he enters the pitch and why? Because we had no bottle to cash in and move on.
Big contract for Sissoko? Yes I love his energy but which other side in the top six would give a 30 year old, who cannot shoot or even pass, a deal like that? Shocking..

Poch has to be held accountable for on-field decisions and some shocking tactics and substitutions already this season but man, there are also major problems going on well above him..


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Aug 28, 2013
Why are people so surprised that Aurier is shit? It took him a couple of months to perfect taking a throw in.