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  1. Dangerous_Clive

    Andre Villas-Bollocks

    Are we doing this then or what?
  2. Dangerous_Clive

    I will rep you if your Fantasy Football team is better than mine

    This is with the Afternoon Delight FC Begovic Shawcross Kompany Steven Taylor Assou-Ekotto Silva Van der Vaart Sinclair Rooney Suarez Adebayor Look at that. How did I only spend £100 million on that starting XI. You can't believe it can you.
  3. Dangerous_Clive

    I love Spurs so much...

    ...that as a child, whenever travelling on the Piccadilly Line (grandparents in Holloway), I would shut my eyes tight before we got to 'Arsenal', and only open them again once the train had cleared the station. lololololol, now someone else go! *claps hands excitedly*