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    OMG you just described me..
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Not sure how that is breaking the law. It's 1 for every 50 workers. Flushing toilets are different and the HSe recommend 1 for every 7 site workers is a only a recommendation and based on the Toilets being emptied once a week. You can easily have less if emptied more frequently. The...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Yes there are a lot of empty flats in London. Most are actually owned as investments and tax breaks with the owners having no intention of them ever being occupied.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Googled all I could find were images from 2010 . I would hope pitch technology has moved on a bit since then.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Yeah sorry, I meant it does affect us, in that its our fancy "Wembley Way" from the station.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    It affects the regeneration of the area between the station and the Stadium. is part of the HDV
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    Pochettino: 'Trippier's lack of action due to sleep trouble'

    We thought the 2nd could not be worse than the first at sleeping . Oh we were so wrong lol....
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    I am selling two 1 senior , 1 standard in the front upper home end.
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    Same block 2nd baby due around date of last game
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    Clinton N’Jie wants to leave

    The difference a few weeks can make :)
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    We must have one of the most cheaply acquired first 11 in the top of the PL

    Southampton have done ok with such a system, that analyses potential replacement players with out going. He'll they even did it with the manger acquisition .
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    Burnley Vs Tottenham: FA Cup Match Thread

    You can listen live on the Main Spurs site if you signup.
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    Does it matter if we are in Tottenham?

    Better transport would be plus, maybe Cain hoy know of such a plot, and that's why the club are pushing the we are committed to the stadium and Northumberland development project.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    At least Can Hoy wouldn't feel obliged , with continuing the stadium, they could just look at a permanent Wembley home that is crying out for a permanent tenant
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    Ben Davies emerges as surprise target as Pochettino looks for a left-back

    Jeez do these papers just log in Here and check what players we are talking about then print crap
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    Spotted on A3 this morning

    My first company car was P103 UBE . used to make me smile when in rear view mirror you could see the car behind work it out
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    Spurs under 21, under 18 Leagues and other youth news

    Did anyone else read that and think his methods sound like our tims
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    Sunday fixtures

    No its not it really messes with my wife's shopping and Costa with family.. Lol
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Im liking the plans . I would much rather grab a burger or chick king in the new retail area and eat on the nice grassy area in front of the new cafe and restaurant area. with regards to the robbery comment . unfortunately many people still do not realize that you never own your land or building...
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    ESPN Classic London derby

    Watched ESPN Classic last night they had Martin Jol first derby on last night from 2004 How times change Arsenal were challenging for title and we were in 14th. Kanute , Keane and defo Squad then compared to now !! Its made me really look forward to this season