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  1. RichieS

    How "Deep" Do You Expect Our Squad To Be?

    Our "lack of squad depth" was something that was often commented on last season and even now, after a transfer window in which all of our stated aims were achieved, some people are saying that we still lack depth ("paper thin squad" is a phrase I've seen this evening). Lloris, Gazzaniga Foyth...
  2. RichieS

    Your Block Preference At The New Ground

    Despite the large amount of grumbling currently going on I suspect that most of us will probably find a way to renew, if only just to say we were there for the first season at the new Lane. With that in mind, what are your preferred locations? Mine, in order of preference, are: 124 123 207...
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    Tee hee.
  4. RichieS

    Our "Scattergun" Transfer Approach

    I've read an awful lot (since it's all gone wrong, at least) on here and in the press about how last summer's transfer approach was "scattergun" leaving us with an average and unbalanced squad. I confess that I am one of the many people who couldn't believe what was happening when we were...
  5. RichieS

    Shirts For Sale

    Hi guys and girls. I've had a bit of a clear out and have numerous shirts from retro to recent that I'm trying to shift and Rob said it's ok for me to draw your attention to my ebay listings on here. These are the links: 99/00 Away 02-04 Home 02/03 Away 05/06 Home 06/07 Home 08/09 Home 08/09...
  6. RichieS

    I don't want to alarm anyone, but...

    ...we could still spend another £70m over the next couple of days. Assuming £85m for Bale, we've so far more or less broken even (about £105m worth of both incomings and outgoings). This means we have yet to touch the £35m TV money. In addition we've still got a few sales to be making, which...
  7. RichieS

    Harry Kane - Leicester Harry Kane has joined promotion hopefuls Leicester City on loan until the end of the season and has signed a new contract until 2017. The England Under-19 forward, Millwall's Young Player of the Year last season during a...
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    Spot The Difference

  9. RichieS

    How Do England Stack Up?

    According to the FIFA World Rankings, England are Europe's 5th best team. This (coupled with a small debate I'm having in the "Capello Is The Man" thread in Spurs Chat) made me wonder whether my opinion of England being little more than cloggers capable of serving up nothing better than their...
  10. RichieS

    What sort of summer?

    I was passing time at work today by thinking about the summer and what it may hold for us. I would like to begin by saying that if by some miracle we managed to get Mourinho in to replace Harry you can pretty much write off most of this post! Right, so area of discussion 1: Management. I...
  11. RichieS

    Niall Quinn's Disco Pants

    SsX12TVJD3Y :rofl:
  12. RichieS

    Anyone interested in women's football? NSFW.
  13. RichieS

    Well up for today!!

    Ok, last game of the season. Yeah, we've been on a bad run but it has been a decent season and we have so many reasons to raise the roof today! 1) Ledley's 300th game. 2) Woody's last - let's give him a proper send-off! 3) Rafa van der Vaart - one of the biggest and best signings of my...
  14. RichieS

    Premiership 2

    Every now and again it pops up in the media that the Premiership will discuss the possibility of a 'Premiership 2' at their next meeting. On hearing these snippets, I've always wondered what that would entail as surely just renaming the Championship the Premiership 2 would make little difference...
  15. RichieS


    Just got to my house in Norwich and I would like to say: 2-1! WE BEAT THE SCUM 2-1, WE BEAT THE SCUM 2-1, WE BEAT THE SCUM 2-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.
  16. RichieS

    TV announcements

    Does anyone know when Sky and ESPN announce the next batch of Premiership games that they're showing? I ask because I have a season ticket but live in Norwich and like to get my train tickets as far in advance as possible to keep them cheap.
  17. RichieS

    Now that so many of us have season tickets...

    is there a place of meeting before games? I'll happily sit in the pub and have a couple of pre-match beers by myself, but company is always good. At the moment I am specifically referring to the Man U game on Saturday.
  18. RichieS

    Tim Borowski

    The NOTW (I know, I know) alleges today that Villa are lining up a 5 million pound bid for this guy. Surely if he's available for that sort of money we've got to be in there for him?! He and Palacios together would give us exactly the solid foundation we need for Luka, Lenny and Keano to rip...
  19. RichieS

    Calm down!

    I'd still take this squad over most in the Premiership... ------------Gomes------------- -Hutton--King--Woodgate--Bale- ------------Zokora------------- -----Jenas---------Modric------ Bentley--------------Dos Santos ---------Pavlyuchenko---------- Subs: Sanchez Corluka Dawson...
  20. RichieS

    Can everyone read this please

    We are not getting a new manager, we are getting a new head coach. There is a difference. I've read sooo many posts where people are talking about Ramos having a clearout or Ramos bringing in a load of his own players. It isn't going to happen on the kind of scale that a lot of posters seem...