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  1. markiespurs

    Best British Manager

    Saw this on the Beeb At time of posting, The great Sir Bill only had 2% of the vote, so thought i'd post this on here to see if we can correct that.
  2. markiespurs

    Can't believe I'm saying this......

    But I think that I actually agree with some of the points raised by that cheif wum Adrian Durham :arghh:
  3. markiespurs

    2012/13 Player of the season

    Just seen this on the OS Surely this is going to be one of the most one sided polls in the history of Polls.
  4. markiespurs

    How good can Tom Carroll become?

    Early days I know, but just how good can Tom Carroll become over the next couple of years? Looking at him play last night, I was quite impressed, his distribution was good, always wanted the ball, got stuck in and for his size showed decent strength on the ball against quite a physical Maribor...
  5. markiespurs

    Bale signs new contract

    I know contracts don't mean much these days, but it's good news none the less and should reduce the speculation over Bales future this summer. Also sticks two fingers up at the idiots who suggested that all our top players would go if Harry was sacked.
  6. markiespurs

    Well Done Brad

    From the OS
  7. markiespurs

    How much did we miss Huddlestone and Dawson?

    I know it's impossible to give a definitive answer on this question, but i thought I'd ask it anyway. Just how much of a difference would having Dawson and Huddlestone fit for most of the season have made on our final league position. Considering how close we were to securing 3rd place...
  8. markiespurs

    And you thought Prem Refs were bad
  9. markiespurs

    Todays scapegoat

    In the true SC tradition of having a scapegoat whenever we loose and in the absence of Jenas, I bring you todays Scapegoat. Please stand up and take a bow mpickard2087 who on Wednesday night, in the England Squad vs Holland thread in general footbal doomed todays game with this classic...
  10. markiespurs

    Thudd needs another operation,,11675_7208351,00.html
  11. markiespurs

    Our Fans Today

    Just back from todays game and just thought I'd mention how good our fans were after todays match in giving a standing ovation to the Birmingham supporters and players. It's little touches of class like this that really makes me proud to be a Spurs supporter, so well done everyone who was there...
  12. markiespurs

    Could Harry go at the end of the season?

    I was reading in the Daily fail yesterday that 4-5 weeks have been set aside in July at the high court for Harry's tax evasion case. This started me thinking that the timing of this could'nt have been worse from a Spurs point of view, considering that Pre season training will be well under way...
  13. markiespurs

    Defoe injured

    According to SSN breaking news. Defoe injured his ankle while training in Dubai.
  14. markiespurs

    John Terry in unfortunate "accident"

    John Terry was questioned by police and breathalysed after an 'unfortunate' car accident following Chelsea's UEFA Champions League defeat to Inter Milan. The Chelsea captain's vehicle was surrounded by photographers as he left the stadium on Tuesday night and he was not aware that he had...
  15. markiespurs

    Congratulation Sachin Tendulkar!

    Tendulkar breaks ODI record Little Master hits 200 not out India v South Africa Tendulkar: ODI record Sachin Tendulkar scored the first double century in one-day international history as India piled up 401-3 against South Africa in Gwalior. Tendulkar contributed exactly 200 not...
  16. markiespurs

    Palace go into Administration

    According to SSN breaking news, Crystal Plaace have just gone into Administration.
  17. markiespurs

    O'Hara signs a new contract

    On the OS, Ohara signed till 2013 Jamie O'Hara has signed a new contract, committing his future to the Club until 2013. The midfielder made his First Team debut in December 2007 at Portsmouth and has since ade 56 appearances, scoring seven goals...
  18. markiespurs

    Benny signs new Contract

    The Club is delighted to announce that Benoit Assou-Ekotto has signed a new contract that will see him at White Hart Lane until 2013. The 25-year-old scored his first-ever senior goal to give us the lead against Liverpool in our opening Premier League fixture last weekend, Benoit's 64th...
  19. markiespurs

    Latest figures show That Prem Clubs owe £3.1 Billion

    England's 20 Premier League clubs owe a total of £3.1bn in bank overdrafts, loans and other borrowings, according to the latest published financial information. The accounts for the clubs, mostly documenting the year to May, June or July 2008, show that the FA chairman, Lord Triesman...
  20. markiespurs

    Manager of the season?

    I know he probably will not even get shortlisted, but in your opinion has Harry done a good enough job to be named as the Premiership manager of the season. For me, Harry has done a fantastic job for us as manager, taking us from the bottom of the Prem ( I think Harry might have mentioned once...