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  1. Acid

    AVB Article - "AVB rejects Spurs 'lies'"

    Not seen this posted on the front page yet, tut tut slow posters :p
  2. Acid

    Modric Article

    Not seen this posted anywhere yet: Source: Ouch; but I can stomach him going to Real over any team in England.
  3. Acid

    Sky Sports Article with Harry

    Didn't see this posted on here or the front page, sorry if it was: 'Harry - Spurs can't compete Manager insists top stars are out of Tottenham's league. Harry Redknapp claims Tottenham are not in a strong enough financial position to compete with the Premier League top four. Spurs have...
  4. Acid

    Information Overload

    Just a quick one - i'm sure i'll get flamed for this. Do you think the majority of them are just a bunch of idiots who are suffering from information overload? it seems like for every new thing they learn as a team, something goes out the window and now we're back to the same mistakes. I'd...