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    I see Woodgate kept the massed ranks of the Chelsea front 3 at bay last night in an honourable 0-0 draw for Stoke. How is it that he sat on the treatment table for the best part of two seasons for us and is now ready to go and play well for them?
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    Spurs are coming to Hong Kong!

    As you may be aware, Spurs are coming to Hong Kong after the Asia Cup in Beijing and preparations are well under way for the Spurs match on 2nd August. Several events are being organised around the match (including, hopefully, a SiHK v Overseas Spurs match), and the lads have just booked two...
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    The Spurs are back in town!

    To the tune of "The boys are back in town" by Thin Lizzy: Guess who just got back today? Those Tottenham boys who’ve been away. Jermaine, Dimi and Didier And that run from Jenas was just crazy! It looks like they’ve turned it around The fans they are cheering all over the ground, From the...
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    The only way is up, baby, for you and me now!

    In the immortal words of Yazz, who may be too old for many of you to know, I offer you slight solace. Slightly (but only slightly) bastardised, sing it to yourself today to cheer yourself up a wee bit: We've been broken down To the lowest turn, And being on the bottom line Ssure ain't no...
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    Spurs in Singapore

    There appears to be a thriving Spurs community in Singapore, an official supprters' club with a comprehensive website: Maybe someone in Singapore can give us a little more info ?
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    Spurs in the USA

    I'm sure there are a number of fan sites across America, here's one I've collected from a Spurs fan who is coming to Hong Kong on a visit soon and logged in to our HK site: Los Angeles: Come on guys and gals acaross the pond, let us know what's available, plenty of people...
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    Spurs in Canada

    No idea about what goes on in Canada, but I was given this link elsewhere, hopefully others can add some content to this thread and let us know what's going on in Canada.
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    Spurs in Hong Kong There are a lot of Spurs fans in Hong Kong, but until recently they were watching games in three different locations. The visit of a Spurs squad to the Hong Kong Soccer 7s in May of this year proved the catalyst for change. The three groups...
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    Welcome to the new Spurs Abroad forum

    Welcome to the new Spurs Abroad forum which should, if used properly, do what it says on the box. On many other sites they have a small "Links" button to other sites around the world - I don't think they're well utilised and I think we can do much better than that. If you're overseas and have...