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  1. nailsy

    [Update 6] Dragon 1 on Koulibaly

    Who: Dragon 1 When: 3rd January Where: FTL
  2. nailsy

    The Football Quiz Thread

    I thought it was time we started a Football Quiz on here. The rules are: Your question must relate to football, but can be about players, teams, managers, stadiums, etc. You only ask a question if you are the first person to get the previous question right - wait for your winners rating...
  3. nailsy

    2019/2020 Predictions

    Premier League winners ? Champions League qualification (2nd-4th)? Europa League qualification (5th-6th)? Relegation places (18th-20th)? FA Cup winners? League Cup winners? Community Shield winners? Top Scorer? Player of the Year? Young Player of the Year? Manager of the Year...
  4. nailsy

    The Ajax Thread

    Given our links to club and the incredible games over the last couple of weeks I thought it was time to start a thread for all things Ajax related.
  5. nailsy

    Standing At Games

    There's a lot of debate over in the stadium thread about whether people should stand at matches rather than use the seats that are provided. Rather than clog up that thread I thought it might be an idea to continue the discussion in a dedicated thread. So where do you stand on the issue...
  6. nailsy

    The Seven Wonders Of The Footballing World

    We all know the ancient wonders of the world, but what are your Seven Wonders of the footballing world? As with the original wonders you can only choose a location rather than a person, or a game. You can be as creative as you want so feel free to choose a ground, a restaurant, a train...
  7. nailsy

    If you could replay one match...

    ....what would it be? On The Totally Football Show they've started asking the guests which result from any game of football in history would you wipe out? You need to assume that the game would then be restarted using the same players who were available for the first match.
  8. nailsy

    [Update 28] Hercules on Rabiot and Werner

    Who: Hercules When: January 27th Where: SC "The reason Rabiot is not a defo, or starter. Can’t find the right words to express. His mum and advisors are ridiculously difficult to deal with. From what I hear Rabiot himself is not the issue, but his outside advisors influence on him. We have...
  9. nailsy

    [Update 27] Ghostofarmo on what's happening...or not happening

    Great work by Dov as usual.
  10. nailsy

    [Update 12] Ali Z on Bowen & Aarons

    Ali Z: we certainly have interest in Bowen and Aarons from Norwich young right back. No idea if it's any more than that but we desperately need two in, today we picked up 2 more injuries and are running out of players. do we have money? yes not 100 m for 1 player money but we are not skint just...
  11. nailsy

    Player of the year 2018/2019

    As we're going to be halfway through the season in a few weeks I thought it would be a good time to start a thread looking at the best players so far this season. So who's caught your eye this season? Do you agree with Jenas that Sterling is the best player in the league at the moment? Or do...
  12. nailsy

    The Relegation Thread - 2018/19

    Who do you think will go down this season?
  13. nailsy

    Usain Bolt

    Anyone else interested in seeing how Usain Bolt gets on with the switch from athletics to football?
  14. nailsy

    [Update 95] Ali Z on Toby and Martial

    Thanks to @dovahkiin as usual.
  15. nailsy

    2018/19 Predictions

    Premier League winners ? Man City Champions League qualification (2nd-4th)? Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham. Europa League qualification (5th-6th)? Arsenal, Man United. Relegation places (18th-20th)? Cardiff, Huddersfield, Fulham. FA Cup winners? Man City League Cup winners? Man City...
  16. nailsy

    Team and player of the tournament

    With the tournament wrapping up today here's a thread to nominate your player and team of the tournament.
  17. nailsy

    World cup winners

    I've just noticed that we don't have a thread for people to predict the now we do.
  18. nailsy

    Historical England Players now

    If you could choose one player from a previous England team to put into this England team who would you pick?