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  1. al_pacino

    Got. Got. Need. Got.

    Remember those words when trying to complete your World Cup sticker album? Well you can relive it without having to spend a fortune on stickers.
  2. al_pacino

    [Update 26] Peanut re:Curtis Davies

    Who:Peanut Site:COYS When:25/5/10 04:26 PM
  3. al_pacino

    [Update 382] Phantom of the Lane re:James

    Who Phantom of the Lane Date 30th August Time 13:16 Site COYS Then
  4. al_pacino

    From Kevin Scott, ON FTL via COYS

    OK. this is from Bentley speaking to someone i know who defo knows and speaks to him. don't shoot the messenger but make of it what you will. 1) the players think ramos is crazy. he is holed up in his office most of the time and hardly takes training. bentley says that he has only spoken to...