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    And the exodus continues...

    Kieran McKenna joins Man U.
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    Encouraging words from... Jens Lehmann!
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    Thanks, Ade...

    Obviously, thanks for leaving. But also thanks for the 41 goals when no one else would score them! You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. - cheesy quote, but still valid...
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    Family Matters (Sweet mother of Ade!!)
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    "If you call me Tim again..."
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    Who Passes Backwards most often?

    ...surprise, surprise, not Spurs! Source:
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    The dictionary are onto us... lackadaisical
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    Spurs' worst signings according to

    Be careful. Some of them will make you want to poke your eyes out. Happy reading!
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    Falling in Love with the Potential ...of Spurs.

    Where we are and where we want to be... Some love Tottenham Hotspur because of their (somewhat) glorious history, whilst some because of what Spurs could be... We fall in love with the potential, and not where we are now. ...because "now" kind of sucks big time. The last couple of seasons have...
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    We might not be pleased, but we're loud!

    ...or is it just the opposition's fans making all the noise?
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    Brian Laudrup on Eriksen and Poch's "special" way of playing

    “At the moment in the Premier League he’s trying to adapt to Mauricio Pochettino’s way of playing, which is different to other managers’, but he’s a very gifted player – there’s no doubt about that.” Everyone (even insiders at Spurs) seems to describe Poch's style of play...
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    A day in Poch's pocket...

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    Ball possession & number of passes

    Has Pochettino altered his possession-based philosophy, or is it just temporary?şiktaş/1924157/stats?ICID=MP_MS_4...
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    Arsène and the 11 managers...

    Sweet mother of ... Please, let Poch be the chosen one, and long may it last! Embarrassing reading:
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    “I could have opted for an easier job. If I had gone to Tottenham..."

    Yes of course, Louis... Especially, because Levy has the patience of a Tibetan monk, and Spurs fans are always levelheaded and have realistic expectations. Just ask André and the other 4846324 managers before him...
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    April's Barclays Manager of the Month nominations...

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I hereby present to you April's Barclays Manager of the Month nominee: Tim Sherwood Surely, Gus will take this one. Despite, losing 5-1 to Tim earlier this month...
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    Self-fulfilling prophecy - a winning mentality is everything.

    I just read an article about Atlético Madrid and their transformation under Diego Simeone. And this paragraph, or rather, quote, pretty much sums up Tottenham's situation: “There was too much negativity about in the psyche of the supporters and that fed into the players. ...They were used to...
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    Daniel Levy Statement

    "Our focus therefore is to continue to invest in and develop the squad, but we shall not look to a summer of major upheaval, rather to strengthen in key positions - to play the style of football for which we are famous." No squad overhaul, but strengthening in key positions surely means a new...
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    A trip down the White Hart Memory Lane.... (And It's not a pretty sight!)

    Oh, sweet (Jorge) Jesus! Tottenham Hotspur Season Review 1997/98
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    Cardiff club captain

    So... After Cardiff is relegated should Levy & co bring him back? Or was it the right decision to offload him? IMO, he looked a bit shaky in some of the games he played for us last season, but his talent and potential looked undeniable, which he is fully confirming this season for Cardiff.