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  1. wizgell

    The re-build

    All the Football Manager players on here with their odd abbreviations of positions and their in depth knowledge of a semi accurate simulated transfer market are nailing these rebuilds!
  2. wizgell

    Jose Mourinho has a big call to make on Ryan Sessegnon

    Honestly can't see how we can avoid taking a punt on some of the younger lads now
  3. wizgell

    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    I think Levy was aroused by the possibility of being able to bring such a big name to the club and thought the aura of Mourinho alone would fix a situation that he should've fixed across the last few transfer windows.
  4. wizgell

    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    Mourinho was hired mid season to lift a deflated, depleted squad. He hasn't done that. Yes he has been unfortunate with the injuries that have cropped up but the one thing our team developed over the last 5 years was a backbone, a sense of spirit and fight when the chips were down, the way...
  5. wizgell

    Jose Mourinho's latest comments on Troy Parrott leave more questions than answers

    All the talk when Mourinho came in of him being a changed man, version 2.0 etc has swiftly been put to bed. He is just doing what he has always done, stunt progression, complain, make examples of people etc etc. Yes he has arrived in a crap situation, but was employed to improve a crap situation...
  6. wizgell

    Richard Hammond’s Big (New stadium)

    I honestly thought the car park and pitch storage area were two separate things. I had no idea they were one and the same.
  7. wizgell

    Richard Hammond’s Big (New stadium)

    Was a good watch. Wasn't aware of the duel purpose of the H lounge, which is complimented by some very smart design features to make the whole transition as seamless as possible.
  8. wizgell

    Jan Vertonghen’s agent says the ‘door is still open’ for a new Tottenham contract

    We'd have to bring someone in to add to the pool. Toby, Sanchez, Tanganga, Davies and one other leaves us with a strong group. I really hoped that Foyth and Sanchez would be the future, but simply can't see it now. However, I think Sanchez with a run of games and the opportunity to further...
  9. wizgell

    Luis Binks leaves the club for Montreal Impact

    Don''t know much about him but can't help but think that if he has headed off to Canada, he isn't as highly rated as they suggest?
  10. wizgell

    Jamie O’Hara reveals the inside story of when Robbie Keane punched Edgar Davids in training

    Not much to that story than what we already knew then :) And my pedantic side wants to remind O'Hara that Davids wasn't a loan signing...
  11. wizgell

    Player Watch: Gedson Fernandes

    Don't know a huge amount about the lad, just watched a Youtube highlight reel (which I never do) and looks like the sort of midfield player who likes a bit of time on the ball. He will have to adapt to the pace of PL quickly if his natural game isn't going to come to the forefront. Looks a...
  12. wizgell

    Expressions Oozing on SSN

    I guess it's better than Chris Cowlin popping up again
  13. wizgell

    Expressions Oozing on SSN

    I always said that Sky should have more input from supporters, it's just a shame they have completely sold out to the gimmicky world of Social Media fans. Their coverage targeted at Social Media viewers is shameless, summed up by the coverage of the KSI v Logan Paul 'fight' and then this kind of...
  14. wizgell

    Spurs focusing on quick breaks under Mourinho

    Agree with all of the above, add to that this strange obsession with Eriksen being the only answer when things aren't going well, when clearly he stopped wanting to be the answer a long time ago. I almost feel like our midfield have taken a step backwards
  15. wizgell

    Just met Jan Vertonghen

    Cornflakes all round!
  16. wizgell

    Just met Jan Vertonghen

    Judging by his face he either really didn’t like me or is more north London than I thought...
  17. wizgell

    Just met Jan Vertonghen

    Thank you! I’d like to Claim it’s all from the heart, which it is, but it’s also my job to look at ways to improve crisis provisions in Haringey
  18. wizgell

    Just met Jan Vertonghen

    He did use innit a fair bit 😂
  19. wizgell

    Just met Jan Vertonghen
  20. wizgell

    Just met Jan Vertonghen

    They said they started the night we got spanked by Bayern. Said to me they think the fans were more upset about Poch going than the players It was obvious something was wrong when you were at the training ground They’ve been a lot busier recently. Just kept saying how much has been going...