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    Tickets New Ticketing System

    I had the same problem, the ticket office said that they were aware there was a problem and it was being worked on. They sorted it out their end though straightaway & my friend got an email with the e-ticket attached.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Has anyone parked in IKEA or Tesco just off Angel Edmonton Road? Do they operate a time limit for shopping using ANPR cameras?
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    Empty Seats/Wembley Atmosphere

    Nothing wrong with your name on both tickets. Enjoy the match!!!
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    I also have 3 matches worth of money in my Spurs account. Chelsea, Southampton & Burnley?
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    Fulham tickets not arrived yet?

    Got mine today. Fingers crossed for the rest of you!!
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    Support Bobby Buckle Blue Plaque Application

    Done & shared link with fellow Yids at work
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    Wembley Season Ticket Prices

    I have found the following from ispurs reference guest tickets: One Hotspur members As a One Hotspur member, you will need to bring your stadium access card with you on match day in order to gain entry into the stadium. Please present this card at the turnstile and the steward will...