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    New Kit 2014-15

    Sorry if this is seen as OT, bht couldn't find a better thread to post it in. I'm considering ordering last years 3rd shirt. Could anyone with experience with the sizing help me choose a size please? It's the first Spurs shirt I'm buying and I can't decide weather to go with an S or an M. I'm...
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    The Weekend ITK Discussion Thread 31st August 2013

    I believe it will be a RM player, but I'll just throw it out there anyway - Jackson Martinez?
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 23rd August 2013

    I know it is VERY unlikely that we would be able to get Ozil, but we do have leverage over Madrid through the Bale deal. He probably wouldn't be willing to give up CL football, but we could at least try to sell him the project we're working on. He would be perfect. And I reckon Real might agree...
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    Andros Townsend

    AVB wil definitely not want to sell Townsend after today.