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    Spurs in Hong Kong

    Glad to say I'm back from holiday in time for th tournament this year, can't wait! Spurs in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan - plans to come over?
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    Spurs in China

    Beijing 11 to 26 degrees today.
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    Nothing wrong with west London, Stoof, that's my neck of the woods, it's his mindset that's wrong.
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    Agree, a good away point. Sunderland have hardly lost a game since O'Neill took over and our away form is nothing to write home about this year - if you'd offered me a draw before the game I wouldn't have taken it, but it puts us a point ahead of Arsenal and they have to play Man City, going to...
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    gareth bale.

    Blame Harry and his decision to go 5-3-2. Pre-season games or meaningless end of season fixtures are the times to start tinkering with formations, not the last 16 of the FA Cup. The players were all over the place by and large, though the player who was most dangerous was Rose, who was making...
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    Ade and Rafa - the start of a beautiful friendship

    @DA: I haven't seen you acknowledge anywhere that others were right and you were wrong last week - Defoe started and VDV came on as sub, nothing to say about it? Oh, and Defoe scored a cracker of a goal too.
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    Massive Redknapp and Rafa rumour!

    He has passed on information to us and, given the source, it is quite possibly true. On that basis, if you want to treat it with contempt please feel free to do so, but without slagging off the original poster, who deserves our usual SC welcome and thanks for providing information in good faith...
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    Massive Redknapp and Rafa rumour!

    I'll assume from the lack of any contact that you haven't read my reply rather than the less pleasurable option that your information is less reliable than you lead people to believe. Please feel free to forward any relevant details to me or any other mod/admin when you have a spare moment.
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    Massive Redknapp and Rafa rumour!

    Please feel free to PM me, all information we receive is kept strictly confidential but if we are to support people who are posting information like this in good faith it helps if we know where the information comes from.
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    International games

    Scotland robbed by two dodgy decisions. Penalty against them when no contact was made, then one at the other end where definitely some contact was made and the forward gets booked instead - the Dutch referee will have some questions to answer.
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    International games

    Remarkably, Scotland are leading 1-0 over Czech Republic after 66 minutes and could have had a second a moment ago.
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    Credit Where Credit is Due

    No need for that. Spare us the cheap personal shots or take the consequences, and if you still feel the need to insult people I suggest you learn to spell.
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    Massive Redknapp and Rafa rumour!

    I prefer not to lock it, if I do we'll be accused of over-zealous modding. The best way to get the thread out of sight is to stop posting in it, that way it slides off the front page in to oblivion - every time someone moans that it's rubbish or that the thread should be closed, boom there it...
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    England v India Test Series

    The coup de grace is delivered, Swann with 6 wickets for the innings and another annihilation, thoroughly enjoyable series. This is a very good England team but that was a complete series-long capitulation from a gutless Indian squad.
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    They'll be fucked if they get knocked out of the CL next week, that will make it harder to sign top players, assuming Wenger has any intention of spending any money - which is open to a lot of doubt anyway.